If You See a Pop-up on GNN That Says There’s A Virus On Your Computer, Close And Refresh – It’s Just a Bad AD, But We’re Working to Eliminate


For about a month, I have been getting messages from a small minority of our dear readers who are reporting these alarming messages coming up on their computers or devices.

This is the worst part about owning a website, and trying to earn a modest income so we can keep GNN up and running.

Our ad network, Monumetric, is not alone in their struggle to contain and BAN unscrupulous ads that claim there is a virus on your computer. It is an industry-wide problem.

The culprit’s goal is to get you to call a phone number. DO NOT CALL the number if you see such a message—even if it is screaming with several pop-ups. It is a ‘harmless’ ad, but so scary to those who arrive at GNN expecting to see only good news!

Google runs the ad network through which most of these unscrupulous ads are served, and I had problems with them back in 2018. But Google doesn’t allow them, and wants to clean them up, as much as we do. Here is the latest message from our ad network, which gives me some comfort—and some hope that these will die down.

“Our Yield Ops team has been working extremely closely with Google, our ad providers, and Confiant, our ad-quality partner. They have been able to ensure that 3,435,242 impressions out of 3,435,253 have been served free of any bad creative or redirects, so far this week. The rogue ads that are getting through we have found and blocked within a few hours—and when the bad actors find new routes to get an impression or two through, we block that. So few of these are getting through that it’s actually helpful to hear about them from readers, even though I know this causes alarm, because it really does help us to close that small gap even farther.”

If you GNN readers are tech-savvy, it is always helpful to take a screenshot, but also to right-click the ad itself to COPY the URL to which it links.